Pool Equipment Installations

Sunbrite Pools specializes in installation of pool and spa equipment. As a licensed and insured pool contractor, you can trust that your equipment will be installed properly. Sunbrite uses only the top quality products from the leading US manufacturers that include warranties.

Sunbrite is capable of installing any piece of equipment on your pool, including: heater, pump, motor, filter, salt system, variable speed pump, lights, automation controls, remote system controllers (ie: ipad/iphone), UV system, ionizer, mineral systems, drain covers, skimmers, spa jets, waterfalls, fountains and much more.


The pump is the heart of the pool system. The main component of the pump is the motor. Often these two are confused. The pump houses the motor. The motor powers the pump. Together they work as one to take water from the pool, put it through the filter, heater and back to the pool again. This process is known as circulation or filtration. There are many choices when it comes to pumps. Sunbrite can size the proper pump for your pools needs. Variable Speed Pumps are the pumps installed today (read more).

pool equipment installtion variable speed pool pump

Pool Filter

The filter is an integral part of the pool system. The main purpose of a pool filter is to filter out harmful bacteria, sand, dirt, debris and other micro organisms such as algae. There are 3 types of filters: DE (Diatomaceous Earth), Cartridge and Sand. Read more about filters. Sunbrite can recommend the correct filter and fitler size for your pool. We can also install a multiport, rotary or basic backwash valve for your conveneince and best functionality.

pool equipment installtion pool filter

Pool and Spa Heater

Not all pools have a pool heater. For obviuos reasons most spas do. A pool heater is the same as a spa heater, except a pool heater is larger. Most above ground heaters are run of natural gas. Sizing a heater for your pool is important depending on the size of your pool or spa, gas pressure and desired performance. Sunbrite can help you determine the proper heater for your system.

pool equipment installation pool heater