New Pool Heater Installation

What you need to know about your pool and/or spa heater…

There are some differences to understand when purchasing a new pool heater. Depending on the size of your pool or spa, the amount of usage, time to heat up, and other factors, Sunbrite Pools can recommend a pool heater for you. For heater repair click here.

Pool Heater Size / Type

BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) are used to measure the power of your gas pool heater similar to how a home water heater is measured. The bigger the heater, the more BTUs. The larger the heater = larger body of water can be heated and also quicker heat up times.  Typically, a pool will have a larger BTU requirement than a spa. Keep in mind how much space you have available. The more BTU’s means a larger the heater.  If you have a small confined space you should check the dimensions or foot print of previous heater. Certain makes and models are smaller with the equivalent amount of BTU’s if you are tight on space

Heater Design and Price

Most users go with the standard mid range heaters which are all about the same price for the most part. There are a few top of the line heaters, such as the Raypak Professional, that offer a better design with upgraded materials and longer warranty. Generally, the more BTUs = Higher Price

Type of Heat Exchanger

The heat exchangers is the largest and main component of the heater. It is where the water channels through and heats up. It is also by far the most expensive part of the heater. When the heat exchanger fails (cracks) it is time for a new heater. Copper Vs Cupronickel? For decades heaters have been made with copper heat exchangers. However, in the last couple years manufacturers have introduced Cupronickel heat exchangers. Cupronickel is a stronger material that can with stand the water and chemicals better = longer lasting (especially on salt pools). For the price to longevity, Sunbrite highly recommends upgrading to Cupronickel exchangers. In some heaters they are included in standard package.

ASME Commercial Grade

Commercial properties are required to have an ASME (Association of Mechanical Engineers) Commercial Grade heater for their pool and spa. These heaters are made with different materials (mainly headers) and can withstand a higher heat failure capacity, amongst other things. Some residential customers opt for this feature, but for the money few do, and it is not necessary.

Pool and Spa Heater Brands and Manufacturers

Raypak, Pentair, Sta Rite, Jandy Laars, Hayward. For the most part it is the typical Big 5 manufacturers that make most of the heaters. Raypak only specializes in pool heaters. Sunbrite is familiar with the installation and maintenance of all heater makes and models.

Pool Heater Installation Procedure

Assessment: Sunbrite pools will assess which pool and/or spa heater will best suit your needs based on price, size, heat up time, usage, gas pressure, and a few other factors. Removal: After selecting a heater, Sunbrite will remove and dispose of the existing pool and spa heater (if applicable). Installation: Sunbrite will prep and install new heater. Heater will be turn key and ready to use after installation. Gas, electrical, manufacturer required check valve (if installed without check valve it voids warranty), and plumb it in to existing pool system..