Pool Info

New Pool Heater Installation

What you need to know about your pool and/or spa heater… There are some differences to understand when purchasing a new pool heater. Depending on the size of your pool or spa, the amount of usage, time to heat up, … Continue reading

Pool and Spa Heater Repair

Sunbrite Pools specializes in pool and spa heater repair. We pride ourselves on professional workmanship in a timely manner, all at an affordable price. If your heater is not firing up, not running smoothly, making an odd sound (turn it … Continue reading

Pool Equipment Installations

Sunbrite Pools specializes in installation of pool and spa equipment. As a licensed and insured pool contractor, you can trust that your equipment will be installed properly. Sunbrite uses only the top quality products from the leading US manufacturers that … Continue reading

Pool Evaluation

Want a bid for service and an evaluation? Having an issue with your pool? Have a pool and don’t know much about it? Sunbrite Pools offers a pool evaluation for any circumstance. A qualified Sunbrite representative will come out, assess … Continue reading

Filter Clean

A clean filter is a happy filter! In order to ensure your pool system is operating effectively, the pool filter must be cleaned regularly. Manufacturers recommend the filter be cleaned 3-4 times a year or every 4-8 weeks. In practicality, … Continue reading

Pool Filter

The filter is an integral part of the pool system. The main purpose of a pool filter is to filter out harmful bacteria, sand, dirt, debris and other micro organisms such as algae. There are 3 types of filters: DE … Continue reading

Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pumps run quieter, conserve energy, save money and are more effective. What more could you ask for? The (old) standard single speed pumps can only run at one speed – high. The reason being, in order to perform … Continue reading

Salt Pool Conversion

Salt Pools are more popular than ever because of the many advantages. With a salt pool (aka saline), no longer will you have to worry about harsh chemicals, itchy red eyes, skin irritation or heavy chemical odors. Salt is a … Continue reading