Sunbrite Pools is insured and licensed as a C-53 Swimming Pool Contractor that provides pool remodels for both residential and commercial properties.

Sunbrite pools specializes in swimming pool and spa resurfacing, plaster, coping, tile, decking, waterfalls, and other swimming pool features.   At Sunbrite we use only the best in class materials, precision, equipment and processes.  Using our experience and vast knowledge in the swimming pool industry we deliver a quality finished product at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction completing each job in a timely and courteous manner.  At Sunbrite, the job is complete when, you, the customer is satisfied.

Sunbrite stays up to date on all the latest swimming pool products, materials and procedures.  Some of the pool resurfacing materials we offer are: white plaster, colored plaster, quartz, pebble, hydrazzo and bead crete.  See below for a complete list of surfaces offered.  In general, the list is ordered by price level (low to high).

Pool and Spa Plaster and Resurfacing

Standard Plaster

  • Standard white plaster is the most common surface seen in pools today. This is primarily because when most pools were built the other surfaces did not exist. Also, standard plaster is the most inexpensive of all surfaces.
  • Standard plaster comes in a variety of colors: white, grey, and dark blue to name a few.

Quartz Additive

  • Quartz is one of the worlds strongest elements, only three elements down from diamonds on the official scientific Mohs scale. Therefore, when including the quartz additive to the plaster mixture it makes your pool’s surface much stronger, durable, and will give your pool’s surface a longer life span.
  • We HIGLHY recommended this product as it is one of the things in the pool industry, other than a variable speed pump, that will give you a large bang for your buck.
  • Quartz Additive comes in many beautiful colors. For samples and colors click here.

100% Quartz Aggregate

  • Instead of just adding quartz to the plaster mixture you can have your surface be 100% quartz. This aggregate composition is similar to a pebble application whereas the quartz additive is still a plaster mixture.
  • Quartz can come in a larger type mixture or very small mixture. The larger quartz is closer to that of pebble, where as the fine quartz mixture is more like a standard plaster finish.
  • For samples and colors click here.


  • Pebble is increasingly becoming the surface of choice in many backyards for a couple reasons. The first being that it is a extremely durable service that is long lasting.  Secondly, people love the look and feel of the surface.
  • Pebble surfaces comes in many forms and colors. There are regular size pebbles, mini pebbles, and multiple color combinations.
  • Pebble is also commonly known as “Pebble Tec”.  Pebble Tec is a brand, similar to Kleenix.  There are many different pebble surfaces available that are all similar.
  • For samples and colors click here.

Pebble / Glass Combo

  • Glass bead is considered by many to be the best looking of all aggregate surfaces.  However, the glass surface is a very costly material.  In order to enhance a pebble surface and add a little sparkle, a pebble glass combo mixture was introduced and has become popular in the last several years.
  • For samples and colors click here.

Glass Bead

  • As aforementioned, a glass bead surface is widely considered the best looking, most modern surface of all.
  • Glass bead is also a very durable and long lasting aggregate surface.
  • For samples and colors click here.


  • If you are looking for a strong, durable, and an extremely smooth surface you will want to consider Hydrazzo.
  • Hydrazzo comes in many colors and designs.
  • For samples and colors click here.


Fountains, Water Features

  • Decking
  • Concrete


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- Monica
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- Larry (Maintenance Mgr)
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