Residential Pool Service

Spend your time enjoying your pool, not maintaining it. Swimming pools are a great feature in any backyard adding ambience and fun. However, maintaining a pool properly is time consuming and labor intensive. Balancing chemicals can take a long time to understand and get right. Each week the skimmer and pump baskets need to be emptied, the walls brushed, floor vacuumed and equipment maintained.

A leader in pool service and maintenance throughout Orange County, Sunbrite Pools offers a full range of service options. We are a full service organization that provides all service and repair needs for your swimming pool, spa and fountain.

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Full Service

  • Weekly Service
  • Balance Water Chemistry (pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, Conditioner, Calcium, Phosphates, TDS)
  • Net Surface
  • Vacuum Bottom
  • Clean Tile Line
  • Brush Walls and Stairs
  • Empty Skimmer Basket(s)
  • Backwash Filter
  • Check Equipment

Chem Only

  • Balance Water Chemistry (pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, Conditioner, Calcium, Phosphates, TDS)


Filter Cleanings

Similar to changing the oil in your car, cleaning the pool filter regularly will keep your pool equipment functioning properly and lasting longer. Taking apart and cleaning the pool filter is needed twice a year so that algae, bacteria and debris can be removed.

  • Manufacturer recommends: 2-3x per year
  • Removes bacteria, algae and dirt from filter
  • Add fresh filtering material (D.E. or Sand)
  • Prevents damage to equipment. An uncleaned filter will lead to high pressure through the system.

Salt Pool Systems

Salt pool systems need to be regularly maintained to ensure they function properly and efficiently.

  • Check and maintain salt level
  • Clean salt cell
  • Read Salt System Diagnostics

Pool Lighting

  • Replace light fixtures
  • Replace light bulb
  • Put in color changing lights


Sunbrite Pools provides a full range of solutions to its customers, from service to repair. Sunbrite’s team of service techs and repair techs are in constant communication to ensure your pool is running efficiently year round. Sunbrite’s repair techs specialize in repairs and are experienced on both large scale commercial properties and residential homes alike.

  • Heaters
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Filters
  • Plumbing
  • Valves
  • Timers
  • More
  • (see repair section for more detail)

Additional Services


  • Turn on your heater, spa jets, lights and/or water features on from inside your home
  • Control your entire pool/spa system from your smartphone (ie: iPhone, Android or Blackberry) or tablet (ie: iPad)

Energy Solutions

  • Variable Speed Pump
  • Solar

Acid Wash and Sand

  • Removes dirt, stains and discoloring from plaster
  • Smooths out the surface of the pool/spa

Remodel (see remodel section)

  • Re-plaster
  • Tile (Clean / Replace / Repair)
  • Remodel (Pool / Spa )
  • Fountains
  • Water Features
  • Coping
  • Mastic Joint
  • Decking
  • Hand Rails
  • More


"With Sunbrite we never have to worry about the pool. Our pool always looks great!"
- Monica
"With over 200 apartment units our pool gets a lot of use. With Sunbrite we never have to worry about the #1 amenity at our community."
- Larry (Maintenance Mgr)
"After 15 Years of service I've never been happier."
- Sara