Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pumps run quieter, conserve energy, save money and are more effective. What more could you ask for? The (old) standard single speed pumps can only run at one speed – high. The reason being, in order to perform certain actions to maintain a pool a high speed is required.

Over the last ten years the introduction of Variable Speed Pumps has completely changed the way pools operate. VSPs allow programming of multiple speeds for different functions, such as: filtration, spa jets, water features and pool sweeps. During normal pool operation (filtration), the pool pump can run at a low speed using up to 90% less energy.

Energy Reduction – Savings $$$

Generally, customers are experiencing a savings of $50-70/mth. The typical home pool pump costs about $3/day to run, $90/mth, $1000+/yr. A variable speed pump costs about $0.60/day, $20/mth, $240/yr. A savings of around $750 each year or 75%. Results vary depending on the amount of head pressure and total energy usage of your home (electric company rate tier system).

In most cases, the variable speed pump will pay for itself within 2-3 years. Meaning your initial investment you used to buy the pump is recouped and every dollar you save thereafter is money in your pocket.

Cleaner Water

At low speeds the filter is more effective actually improving filtration which gives you cleaner water. Additionally, low speed reduces the wear and tear on the equipment such as your filter grids and pool plumbing.


The old single speed induction motors are LOUD. While most of us have learned to live with them, they can be a nuisance to you, your neighbors and your guests. At high speed, variable speed pumps are far more quieter. At low to medium speeds (what your pump will be set at 90% of the time), variable speed pumps can barely even be heard. Check out these audio clips: Single Speed (sound familiar) :: Variable Speed on medium power (ahh much better!)

California State Law

The new pumps are so effective that California passed a law, Title 20, requiring the upgrade to a variable speed or multi-speed motor when replacing a motor over 1.0hp. In other words, if you have a motor over 1.0hp (most likely), when your old motor kicks the dust the state requires the change.

$200 REBATE!!

Every home should and will be equipped with a variable speed pump, why not take advantage now while you can still get $200 from the state. This year (2013) the state is offering a two hundred dollar rebate (*while funds last) with the purchase and installation of approved variable speed pumps. Most VSPs are approved. Give us a call for a list of approved pumps and where to find the necessary rebate forms.